Managing database schema changes with liquibase on an existing database tutorial

If you have had a project with several developers working at a high velocity on different branches you are probably aware of the amount of trouble that a theoretically simple task such as managing the db schema changes can provoke. The main issues occur on a daily-basis at development, less DRY, less agile; also the production deployments and merges can be severly affected

Database migration tools

Luckily most frameworks come with migration tools, rails, django, sequelize or yii as it is an important tool to ensure some agility. Today I will be taking a look at liquibase which you may find interesting

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Scrum roles and users

Last week I was reading some material on scrum, particularly on agile requirements acquisition for a post I plan to publish soon. I was reviewing the User Stories Applied For Agile Software Development book by Mike Cohn, definitively a recommended reading. 183072549

I like the Capt. Obvious facts about software development and how often we need someone to constantly remind our teams about those allegedly obvious statements. This is precisely the case, do you ever forget to target your efforts to what the user demands? I am sure you do, I also do

Writing user stories is the way to formalize requirements in some agile methodologies as scrum, the well-known formula As a role, I want goal/desire so that benefit. This definition itself forces us to think in the user roles and pushes us to go for a genuinely user-driven development

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